Learning Spanish “con los gatos”

Dad and crew are heading down to Mexico for a few weeks, so several morning doodles of late have included phrases I thought he might like to take along. —Which I’m really just guessing at, since I don’t know Spanish, myself. (Wish I did!)

Meanwhile, Charlotte is so looking forward to their first south-of-the-border shopping experience to buy her a special gift. (Note to Dad: “Un regalo caro” I think translates into designer shoes and handbags, not a catnip toy or fancy cat leash.)

Spanish Lesson Number 5

Lesson 1: “Where is the Little Mouse?”

Doodling in Spanish (or attempting to) happened by accident, by the way. Dad had been using Rosetta language software on his laptop, and Max overheard the computer asking questions. It freaked him out a bit. But then, he always freaks out when he loses track of Flora Mouse.

Spanish Lesson 1

Lesson 2:  “A Horse Given, Do Not Look Him in the Tooth.”

Go ahead, Charlotte, take that lovely pear—it’s a gift.

Spanish Lesson 2

Lesson 3: “The Customer is Always Right”

—At least I hope that’s what the caption says. This doodle from last week was fueled by a hunch that both Blackie and Dad will want a hamburguesa while they are gone. (Or perhaps an aardvark.)

Spanish Lesson 3

Lesson 4: New Friends

Last one: Really just an excuse to doodle Charlotte as a Spanish senorita.

Spanish Lesson 4

So now, it’s back to murdering my mother tongue for me. Please stay tuned. (And once again, to any Spanish speakers who might be reading this, sincere apologies for any mistakes and my general ignorance regarding your beautiful language.)

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Jean Tuttle is a Chicago-area illustrator, designer, and doodler.
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