Mexican Sendoff

Today’s the day: After all the weeks of anticipation, Dad is finally off on his Mexico vacation! Here’s the bon voyage doodle I left out on the kitchen table this morning, showing a fancy purple limo whisking him off to the airport—which it since has. (Hmm…Who ordered that, as opposed to a town car? —Charlotte?)

Mexico Sendoff

Meanwhile, back at the (suburban) ranch, I’m still not sure who all went along. Charlotte and Dad and some mice, for sure. Blackie? No clue. And, despite having tickets, Charlotte’s maid took a pass, as did Max and Miss Flora. So did a lot of their mice friends, apparently. (With Charlotte away, those mice can really play.)

Dad, if you’re reading this, the whole household wishes you smooth and safe travels today, and a happy landing in Puerto Vallarta. And by the way, it’s snowing here. (Thought you’d want to know.)

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Jean Tuttle is a Chicago-area illustrator, designer, and doodler.
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2 Responses to Mexican Sendoff

  1. Dad says:

    Works a treat! Doing lunch at Pappadeau at IAH. btw, limo was a Mercedes (still Lucky Pierre).

    • Jean says:

      Hey Dad, that’s great — you’re my first subscriber! Good to know you’ll be able to get your breakfast table doodles while you’re away, without a hitch (assuming there’s WiFi, that is). Have a great rest of the day and send me an email when you get where you’re going, and all settled in? Max et al. say hi!

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