Blackie Delivers

Two more wonderful friends from the old country (i.e., Way Back When) had birthdays today. Not wanting to let this special occasion go unmarked, Blackie got up extra early to make them each a cake.

Happy Birthday Rebecca

I’m a decent cook myself, but not much of a baker. So I’m in awe of Blackie’s skills as a pastry chef—especially the way he gets his sugar roses ‘just so.’ (Don’t they look nice?)

Happy Birthday Bob

But even more impressive to me is how he could deliver one cake to NYC before breakfast, the other to Minnesota, and still be home in time to help dig out from last night’s snow. (My hunch is, some Dobby-esque apparition skills were involved—especially given that we were snowbound until lunchtime.)

Dad, these Before & After photos of our driveway are especially for you, as you savor your last few days in balmy Mexico. I know you must miss us all, but aren’t you glad you’re not here?

Before and After Snow

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