And The Award Goes To…Dorothy Designs

Dorothy and SteveI’m picturing a busy morning over at Ace the cat’s, where  preparations for his Oscar Party are well underway. I see that Steve, Ace’s human, is done posting his Annual Movie Page, and is heading out to buy more milk.  Ace’s other human, Dorothy, is making a few more flower pins and then will finish tidying up. Ace, of course, is hard at work, too: He’s taking a bath.

I’m also picturing Charlotte, as she and Daisy board a plane for San Francisco. (She’s due to head home from Mexico in a few days anyway, and Ace’s party’s on the way. Plus, she’d just hate to miss the fun!)

Here’s what else I see…

When Charlotte and Daisy arrive, Ace answers the door, in his handsome gray tux.

Oscar Party: Charlotte and Daisy Arrive

He ushers them both inside, where an impressive buffet awaits.

Oscar Party Buffet

The Awards go off without a hitch, and Billy Crystal is in great form. Soon the humans toddle off to bed, and things really start to swing.

Disco Party

When the other cats and mice finally leave, Ace shows Charlotte and Daisy to their special guest quarters. Surprise! It’s a soft bed made from Dorothy’s hand-sewn flowers (Charlotte’s favorite).

The Guest Room

In the morning, Charlotte and Daisy are out the door early, leaving Ace to his job of sorting all that lovely floral inventory. —And also leaving him to wonder: Was it all a dream?

Dorothy Designs and Ace

As you can see, I’ve been dreaming about Dorothy Designs. —Ever since this pretty red rose I ordered from her Etsy shop arrived. Dorothy’s an old and dear friend, and does beautiful work. Do visit her shop sometime…so many pretty things to see!

Dorothy Designs Rose PinHave a fun Oscar Sunday, Everyone—and good luck with your party, Ace! Charlotte and Daisy, we’ll see you both soon…

About Jean Tuttle

Jean Tuttle is a Chicago-area illustrator, designer, and doodler.
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  1. Jean,
    We are all so thrilled to be FEATURED in your lovely drawings! What an honor.
    I didn’t prepare a speech…
    (Looks like we’re in for a wild night.)

  2. linda says:

    Oh this is MOST WONDERFUL!

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