Solar Flare-up

Solar Flare Up

Was anyone else feeling a little out of sorts today? Charlotte sure was, shown here heckling the bluebird of happiness during an impromptu concert she attended at lunchtime.

The good news is, Charlotte may well have been affected by the solar storm that’s been going on today—reportedly our most significant in years. (Good news, because that means “this too shall likely pass.”) While the increased solar activity was not supposed to affect humans, there’s been no mention of how it might affect cats.

The even better news, though, is that this increase in solar activity also increases our chances of seeing the Northern Lights tonight—even from places further south, like Illinois, where we live.

Aurora Borealis

As I write this, the cats and Flora Mouse have already headed outdoors with a warm blanket and a snack, hoping to catch a glimpse.

For more information about Aurora Borealis activity tonight, check out this article on The Huffington Post. It includes some useful links to find out whether you might see a light show in your own neck of the woods.

Have a stellar evening, Everyone, and see you all tomorrow!

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Jean Tuttle is a Chicago-area illustrator, designer, and doodler.
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6 Responses to Solar Flare-up

  1. Alece says:

    I particularly love Charlotte’s style of heckling with that sling shot. She’s a girl after my own heart. And your rendition of the northern lights are so beautiful!!

  2. I love how Max is snuggling Flora Mouse.

  3. Beautiful!

    My birds were very calm today! :)

    • Jean says:

      Thanks Heather —

      I probably shouldn’t say this, but “heckling the bluebird” is something Charlotte excels at, even when their aren’t solar storms.

      Say hi to your beautiful birds for me!

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