Monday, Monday

Even though it wasn’t as warm as it’s been lately, the Mouse family still had a lovely weekend: Papa Mouse enjoyed his Wall Street Journal al fresco with a glass of vino, Momma Mouse caught up on her gardening, Little Mouse got to fly her kite, and Junior Mouse went for a bike ride. And best of all, there was nary a cat in sight the whole time!

So why don’t they look happier, trudging off to work and school this morning?

Monday Morning

Personally, I think Monday mornings can be tough, to whatever degree the weekend was wonderful (even though I have a hunch it’s not supposed to work that way).

And maybe the nicest thing to be said about Monday (besides that The Voice is on TV) is, “just four more days until the weekend?”

Regardless, I hope everyone’s reentry into the workplace or school went smoothly today, and that tomorrow’s even better!

Hookey LicenseMeanwhile, for those of you, like me, who would just as soon spend Mondays under the covers, guess what I found? My old Hookey License circa 4th grade. Feel free to white out my name and fill in yours—next Monday is just around the corner!

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Jean Tuttle is a Chicago-area illustrator, designer, and doodler.
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