Mecca for Mice

Mousehouse CheesehouseYes, the Mousehouse Cheesehaus is a real place, and was our very first stop when we arrived in Wisconsin yesterday. Can you believe that this fabulous cheese emporium is only a stone’s throw from my sister’s place? What wonderful good fortune! —Since Little Mouse and I will be staying at my sister’s for a whole week, visiting with my dog niece and nephew, Molly and Ranger.

Just imagine being a young mouse, walking into the Mousehouse for the very first time, and seeing all those perfect little packages of cheese curds, mouse-shaped novelty cheeses, cheese dips, and big honking blocks of  Swiss, Havarti, and Cheddar. Pretty darn thrilling!

Little Mouse Enters the Cheese Store

The Mousehouse also sells cheese hats, and does mail order—just in case you or another cheese lover you know wants to wear something a little different to this year’s Easter parade.

More on our trip to Wisconsin (AKA Cheese Heaven) tomorrow. Meanwhile, sweet dreams on a late Saturday night, and best wishes for a sunny Sunday morning!

About Jean Tuttle

Jean Tuttle is a Chicago-area illustrator, designer, and doodler.
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  1. Alece says:

    LOVE these so much!!!! Your style is completely different, but they remind me a little of Olivia.

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