The Last Egg

The Last EggWhere is Miss Charlotte? Why, she’s just now waking up, but any minute is going to enter the scene and have her breakfast. She’s saved the most beautiful candy egg in her Easter basket for last, fantasizing all the while about what kind of tasty “mystery filling” it may hold. (Flavored cream? A marshmallow chick? Swedish fish? A chocolate mouse?) The bunny knows, and so do I, but we don’t want to spoil the surprise. (Stay tuned.)

Meanwhile, I hope all of you reading this have a wonderful day today—filled with only the nicest surprises!

About Jean Tuttle

Jean Tuttle is a Chicago-area illustrator, designer, and doodler.
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4 Responses to The Last Egg

  1. Really pretty, Jean. I love the tablecloth and the designs on the egg!

    • Jean says:

      Thanks, Dorothy — And btw the tablecloth comes from a very handy resource called

      I did a keyword search for “checked fabric” to find this one:

      It’s great if you need a bit of background texture for something in a drawing, like a brick wall, or some clouds, etc.. Most files are very large/hi-rez.

      And it’s a very generous license — you can adapt or incorporate these images without attribution, for commercial or non-commercial purposes. Just about the only thing not allowed is using the images in a stand alone manner. More details here:

  2. Karen says:

    Welcome home Jean and thank you for sharing your lovely drawings!
    As I anticipate, along with Charlotte, the contents of The Last Egg, and imagine what fun adventures the bluebird and invisible bunny must be up to, an early childhood memory comes back to me….
    For a period of time, every night after family prayers, we gathered around my father as he told us with the continuing “Adventures of Toby Tyler,” stories about a young boy and his adventures, which he simply made up as he went along. One night Toby was visiting the zoo and he ended the night’s tale with, “and Toby stuck his head in the lion’s mouth”…. I could barely sleep that night, anticipating how Toby would get himself out of his latest predicament….
    Now while your stories are on a gentler scale, I have the same anticipation awaiting your joyful world and the smiles you bring….

    • Jean says:

      Thanks for the kind words and for sharing that wonderful memory, Karen!

      (And of course now I want to know, too…Did Toby and the lion then become best friends?…Did Toby perhaps become a dentist, and take care of all of his animal friends’ back molars, after that?)

      I can only imagine what a great storyteller your dad was—and undoubtedly still is, now to his grandkids.

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