Two More Days

Last night Charlotte dreamed that she flew up to Wisconsin on a larger-than-life Baby Woot. Her mission? To spring Dad out of the rehab facility (where he’s been staying for the last two weeks, following his hip replacement), and bring him back home.

Charlotte's Dream

In her dream, Charlotte wore a magnificent turban, big enough to conceal 2 bags of cookies, in case she and Stella got hungry along the way (even though in real life she’s on a diet). She also wore her favorite polka dot pajamas (that she outgrew 2 seasons ago), and the bunny slippers that she wanted for Christmas last year (but which couldn’t be found in any stores). I love how dreams often do that—i.e., mimic reality, but make it even better.

But the reality, in this case, is pretty hard to beat: Dad really is coming home, in just two more days, having made excellent progress getting back on his feet. We’re all very happy and excited—for him and for us!

Here’s to all our best dreams coming true. (—And not the scary ones where we are naked on stage, etc..) Happy Thursday, everyone!

About Jean Tuttle

Jean Tuttle is a Chicago-area illustrator, designer, and doodler.
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  1. Richard says:

    This site needs a simple “like” button…

    • Jean Tuttle says:

      That’s a great idea, Richard. I wonder if someone has come up with a WordPress plug-in for that.

      The alternative is probably building Charlotte her own Facebook page. (Yikes.)

  2. I agree. I find I’m always wanting to click on “Like.”

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