Nurse Charlotte

Charlotte has always taken her nursing duties very seriously, but when her #1 human is the patient, watch out! And so imagine the scene last night when she went into Dad’s room to retire, and found Max already ensconced, despite her strict “no-visitors-but-me” policy…

Nurse Charlotte

Little Max in Dad's BedCharlotte doesn’t have much tolerance for Max to begin with, and so finding him in her “reserved parking space,” as it were, was not a happy surprise.

It was a really nice surprise for Dad, though, since Max has never hung out with him in his room before. (He snapped this photo with his iPhone, just in case this was a one time thing.)

My theory? Max just really missed seeing Dad these past few weeks—as did we all—and wanted to be close. —And it sounds like it was a lovely snuggle-fest while it lasted. (Oh well!)

Greetings to all on a Monday night, and sweet dreams, later on, when you get there…

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Jean Tuttle is a Chicago-area illustrator, designer, and doodler.
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  1. Alece says:

    Love the all line work on these last 2 Jean! They’re so rich with pattern and detail that I don’t miss the color at all.

  2. Oh, that is sweet of Max! He missed Dad.

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