Rise & Shine

I don’t know if Charlotte’s still peeved at me for not cat-doodling the week-plus that I was out of town recently, but I do know that she’s been grumpier than usual about getting up and starting her day. This morning, even a steamy, fragrant cappuccino (heavy on the milk) wasn’t enough: Her maid Giselle had to bring out Jocko, the cymbal-playing monkey. And today wasn’t even Monday—though it felt like it (to me, anyway).Rise & Shine, Charlotte!

Well, Tuesday’s almost at a close, so the good (great) news is, it’s almost time to go back to bed again—yippee! I hope everyone reading this has sweet dreams tonight, and an easy, energy-filled day tomorrow. See you on here next time…

About Jean Tuttle

Jean Tuttle is a Chicago-area illustrator, designer, and doodler.
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6 Responses to Rise & Shine

  1. mary says:

    every time i see that there is another catdoodle posting, i say oh goodie and savor it like a treat! thank you!
    love the windup monkey in this scene, i forgot about those!

    • Jean Tuttle says:

      Thanks, Mary! The original version of this doodle (the one Dad got on the breakfast table) had a mouse playing the cymbals…but then I remembered those monkeys, too. Carol and I had a monkey toy that didn’t wind up or anything, but was a little creepy looking anyway. I hope when she sees this she laughs (versus has any unpleasant flashbacks).

  2. Steve Reinhardt says:

    Love to have your doodles back, Jean!
    We missed them!

    • Jean Tuttle says:

      Thanks so much, Steve!

      Yeah, Dad still gets his daily doodle every day that I am home (albeit sometimes some very loose and sloppy ones), but I’m finding less time to massage these into “post material” every day with other work stuff going on. So I’m probably going to continue to skip days…kind of aiming for publishing 3 or 4 times a week at this point.

      Meanwhile, I went ahead and changed the blog description at the top right to “Jean Tuttle’s Almost Daily Blog” but haven’t changed the blog’s name. I dunno…“The Thrice Weekly Cat Doodle” just doesn’t have the same kind of ring to it, ya know? I’ll have to think some more about that one I guess. :-)

      Please give my fond regards to Dorothy and Ace!

  3. carol says:

    I recognized Jocko, the scary monkey toy right away. I bet Stephen King also had one when he was little. Wonderful picture!

    • Jean Tuttle says:

      Thanks, Sis! And btw I’m glad you said, “I recognize Jocko,” not, “I recognize your bedroom, Jeanie.” (Though in my room you would never find a Milk Way bar with just one bite taken out of it.)

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