Happy Fourth of July!

Today we celebrate our Declaration of Independence, and the magnificent and profound achievement it represents. So here’s to the wisdom, patience, and perseverance that got the job done!

July 4, 1776

And here’s to all of you! Charlotte and crew join me in wishing everyone a very festive, fun, and happy Fourth of July—whether you are heading out to a cookout, a picnic, a band concert or fireworks—or just plan to spend it hiding under the bed, like our friend Max.

Last year (amazingly), Max did venture out to the town fireworks display, along with Blackie and Charlotte and me. OK, maybe the cats were only there in my imagination. At any rate, Dad was away on a trip, so I emailed him the quick doodle below to say hello, using blurry snapshots taken with my phone.

Cats Watching Fireworks

And that was one of the first cat doodles I did for him after I started doodling again, a year after Mom had passed (having originally started making them for her). So it’s been a solid year of churning this silliness out. What can I say? It sure has been fun!

And it’s sure been fun having a wider audience, too, via this blog, for these past 6 months or so. Which is to say, thanks again for stopping by and being part of it. I appreciate it, and you, and all your comments, too. Have a great day, and see you on here again real soon!

About Jean Tuttle

Jean Tuttle is a Chicago-area illustrator, designer, and doodler.
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4 Responses to Happy Fourth of July!

  1. Carol says:

    Happy Fourth, Jeanie! Charlotte should take you out for a lavish gourmet picnic to thank you for all the lovely ink you’ve gotten her. Lovely colonial portrait.

    • Jean Tuttle says:

      Thanks, Sis! Knowing how much our girl loves period costumes, I decided to read up on the first Fourth of July, and was reminded that the Declaration of Independence was presented, but didn’t actually get signed on that day. That got me thinking as to why that might have been.

      Blackie is drinking some cherry bounce, by the way, in honor of my Moseson readers.

      Happy Fourth!

  2. Barbara says:

    Jean…these are just so much fun!

    • Jean Tuttle says:

      Thanks so much, Barbara…Glad you liked, and hope you are having a great holiday! My hunch is, those fireworks out by you over the Hudson must be going off just about now.

      (Max says to tell Jed hi, and that there is still plenty of room under the bed, if he wants to join him.)

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