The Downside of Downton

Downton Charlotte

Uh-oh—Charlotte’s been watching Downton Abbey again.

And so, every Sunday night, the rest of us have been watching Downton Abbey, too. Studying the aristocratic Crawleys (and their beautifully-trained staff) is the only hope we have of keeping up with “Her Ladyship’s” new vision…for what life should be like in our own humble home.

So that’s been the downside of Downton: Charlotte’s higher expectations for a more attentive staff (us), more costume changes throughout the day, fancier hats, finer food, etc.

The upside? Fresh material for my daily cat doodles for Dad, of course! (Here’s the Downton-themed cartoon that I left out on the breakfast table just now, in hopes of starting his day off with a smile.)

Breakfast in Bed

I hope this morning finds you with plenty to smile about also—Martin Luther King Day, our President’s Inauguration, a little extra sleep?— as well as looking forward to a great week ahead. (Happy Monday, everyone!)

P.S. Thanks once again to Karen, The Graphics Fairy, for the butterfly, feather, flower, teacup  and teapot used in today’s drawing. You can check out her fantastic collection of vintage clip art images here.

About Jean Tuttle

Jean Tuttle is a Chicago-area illustrator, designer, and doodler.
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5 Responses to The Downside of Downton

  1. Richard says:

    Is that the new toaster from last night?

    • Jean Tuttle says:

      Yes, sort of. I really liked it, but didn’t pay too much attention to it on screen, so had to fake it a bit later on. :-)

    • Carol says:

      There was a new toaster last night?! Dang! I missed the entire episode. Hope I can catch the drift when I see tonight’s. Great pictures, Jeanie. Thanks for posting.

  2. I love the toaster and the ruler!

  3. I want all those 1920 dresses. Did you see the parody the guy who writes
    Breaking Bad did on Downton Abby? He took a few of the leading men
    actors from Downton and also used the set and did a Downton Abby/Breaking Bad
    where all the characters double cross each other and bump each other off. Very funny.
    Love Jill

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