A Night to Remember

Charlotte at Obama's Commander-in-Chief Inaugural Ball

This was the scene at our house last night, as we celebrated Barack Obama’s Inauguration, alongside the rest of America. I thought the President and First Lady’s dance at the Commander-in-Chief’s Ball was a wonderful way to cap an uplifting and happy day. And, like Charlotte, I loved Michelle in her beautiful red Jason Wu dress.

Flora Mouse’s favorite part came earlier in the day, during Obama’s inaugural speech. As a mouse in love with a cat, she believes, as many of us do, that all should be free to love  (and marry) whom they choose. So when Obama listed Stonewall alongside Seneca Falls & Selma, it reminded us that our president thinks so, too…another reason to feel great and celebrate!

Here’s a doodle of Flora and Max from our little house party, and a (rare) snapshot taken a little later, when they finally hit the sheets.

Max and Flora Mouse

Congratulations and good luck Mr. President—and may you accomplish many great things, on many fronts, in your second term!

About Jean Tuttle

Jean Tuttle is a Chicago-area illustrator, designer, and doodler.
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4 Responses to A Night to Remember

  1. I love that photo of Max with his mousie. It was a festive day.

  2. Great writeup! In total agreement here. It was a wonderful, and hopeful, day!

    • Jean Tuttle says:

      Thanks, CL! I actually missed most of the live proceedings due to a deadline, but when I took a peek at some of the cool things you and others were posting over on Facebook re the Inauguration, I made getting up to speed on what I’d missed a priority. Glad I did! I know we live in an imperfect, complicated world (and have lots of problems left to solve as a country), but when there are major feel-good moments like yesterday’s going on, we just gotta stop what we’re doing if we can, and go soak them in, yes?

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