Charlotte, Party Girl

Oppan Charlotte Style

Anyone who knows Charlotte knows how much she loves parties…and presents! So she was very excited to be invited to our friend Beatrice’s birthday celebration last Wednesday night.

Going over to the Duffy’s house is kind of like going home for Charlotte, since that’s where she was first found and rescued by Beatrice’s daughter Karen, before coming to live with us. She’s also very fond of Beatrice’s young granddaughters, Dasha, Kristina & Vera. And Aaron Mouse couldn’t wait to meet their cousin Charlie, and hopefully learn some new dance moves (which he did).

Before we left to go over there, Charlotte and Aaron put together some party favors to take along — little packets of collage stuff to glue into drawings — since their young friends are all artists, too.

Party Favors

Each packet had a message tucked inside of it. I was feeling nosey, so I read Kristina’s, before sealing them up.

Card for KristinaStampMeanwhile, it was my (fun) job to put together Beatrice’s birthday card. Here’s the stamp, the label, the card, and a snapshot of the (somewhat gaudy) envelope, too. (It was Charlotte’s idea to glue on the jewels.)

I just drew the doodle portions of the card, by the way, not the pretty colored flowers, most of which I cut out of a gardening book. (I know…tsk, tsk!)


The card was very long, but folded up.

Birthday Card for Beatrice
Beatrice Envelope

Here’s Charlotte again, giving Beatrice her card, and a bit later, trying on the lovely new bathrobe that Beatrice’s son Neil had given her for her birthday. Very, very nice! (Daisy Mouse loved it as well.)

Beatrice and Charlotte

Animal Fun

After the party, I went home and worked on this drawing with elephants in it for my page in “Draw It Out,” a new activity book coming out from Art with Heart. (I promised the girls I’d share it with them, so here it is.)


Tuttle Mandala Art FinalOther Projects

I’m realizing I haven’t posted any other recent illustration projects on here in a while, but I did just update my website with new images a few weeks ago, so please do take a gander when you have time. Meanwhile, just for fun, here is one of my recent favorites, for Global Brief magazine. (More animal fun!)

Jean Tuttle for Global Brief Contrary to appearances, I don’t get to draw animals all that often—for assignments, anyway—but I really enjoy it when I do. In this one the kangaroo symbolizes Australia and the dragon symbolizes Asia, for a feature discussing history and relations between the two.

OK, time for me to sign off for now. Thanks again to Beatrice, Dennis, Karen, and all the Duffys for a wonderful time last week, and the immense pleasure of seeing you all. Wishing you (and everyone reading this) a very good night, the sweetest of dreams, and a pleasant tomorrow!

About Jean Tuttle

Jean Tuttle is a Chicago-area illustrator, designer, and doodler.
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10 Responses to Charlotte, Party Girl

  1. Dear Jean:
    It always give me a great feeling of joy when I see that a Cat Doodle is in my
    email. No matter what may be going on, they are always that extra boost to
    start my day with. Thank you sooooo much for Cat Doodles. They make the
    world a better place. I think you should send them to all the Republicans in
    the Senate and Congress. Maybe they too will start to believe in a better
    world and un-sequester the United States. Charlotte for Congress. Than again,
    maybe not, she’ll just sleep through the whole thing than vote for the public
    distribution of catnip, treats and mandatory naps.
    Love Jill

  2. Susan says:

    The collages and adventures are so wonderful!
    Hello from Cape May….

    • Jean Tuttle says:

      Thanks, Sue! Going over to my friend Karen’s house has been one of my favorite adventures, since I was a little kid. —And their parties, whether planned or impromptu, have always been the best!

      Hope you are enjoying Cape May and are having less soggy weather than we are having up in Wisconsin today! :-)

  3. What a great birthday card! I love all the flowers.

    • Jean Tuttle says:

      Thanks, Dorothy — I love all the flowers, too. I hope the artists and photographers who contributed these images inadvertently (via the books I get at Goodwill and harvest for my personal collages) will forgive me for using them and displaying them here. (Never would for a commercial project, of course.)

      Meanwhile, there was ice on the branches and driveway yesterday morning, up here in Madison (where I’m visiting with my niece Molly & nephew Ranger — woof!). I don’t know about you, but I am so ready for spring…and for •real• spring flowers! :-)

      Say hi to Ace & Steve!

  4. You are SO TALENTED. That birthday card is AWESOME!

    • Jean Tuttle says:

      Thanks so much, Nancy! I really wanted Beatrice’s card to evoke a sense of spring. —Have not seen too much evidence of it yet, here in the chilly Midwest!

  5. Karen Duffy says:

    Just caught this tonight….Yes, I agree with Nancy, AWESOME!
    You completely captured the moment, especially Charlie’s dancing. Many thanks to you, and Jim too, for all these happy memories and for making such a festive evening for all!
    ps cool updates on jeantuttlestudio, love your home page

    • Jean Tuttle says:

      Thanks, Karen — so glad you enjoyed! Nothing can truly capture Charlie’s dancing though — now *that* was AWESOME! :-) Thanks again for letting us all be part of the fun.

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