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Jean Tuttle is a Chicago-area illustrator, designer, and doodler.

In Memory of Charlotte, one year later

Below is the tribute I posted for Charlotte on Facebook, exactly one year ago, when our dear girl passed. At the time, I couldn’t bring myself to announce her death on this blog. But I’m quite sure she’d want her story told … Continue reading

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Pink Pussy Hat Power

In solidarity with and appreciation of all those who marched yesterday, across the U.S. and across the globe. And here’s to the army of knitters who made pink pussy hats, not only for themselves but for complete strangers, to make a … Continue reading

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Charlotte, Femme Fatale

Our beautiful girl in the patio this afternoon. Waiting, waiting…but no takers, alas. Just teasing, y’all. Rest assured, Charlotte only gets to go outside under strict supervision. We have a zero tolerance policy in place regarding nailing chippies, whom we … Continue reading

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Happy New Year’s Eve

It’s just after 8 AM here, and 2 degrees. My studio is warm & cozy though, and Flora Mouse is here, keeping me company. Thinking ahead to January, its flower (carnation) and to good things in the coming year. Hopefully … Continue reading

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Envelope Doodles

Or, how to disguise the fact that you are giving family members cash/gift certificates for the holidays. (Actually, these are being given out by my dad, but he asked if I wouldn’t mind “dressing them up a bit.” Sure thing, … Continue reading

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Back to the Vet

Charlotte loves Dr. Kirkwood and the other vets and staff at Barrington Animal Hospital…just wishes they could all meet up for lunch sometime, instead, off premises. 10 AM appointment today to check up on our girl. She’s got some chronic … Continue reading

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Oklahoma Dreaming

A Christmas wish for my Tulsa friend Martha — and real-life BHS buddy from a long time back — a few of her favorite things, with best regards!

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Gnome for the Holidays

For a Facebook friend who likes mushrooms, big snowflakes and cello music. Happy Holidays, Lisa!

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Flight of the Elves

Inspired by an email exchange today with my BFF, who observed that I was likely mired in seasonal elf-work. Prompting me to reflect that the reason elves wear those pointy little shoes is so that they can’t run screaming into … Continue reading

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Dear Santa

Halloween’s over. It’s freezing outside. ’Tis the season…I guess!

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