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Spring Frolic with Blackie

“In Spring a black cat’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of…Charlotte.” And what a lovely kitty she is! Charlotte insisted I make many practice sketches of “just her” frolicking, to make sure I captured her loveliness “just right.” Meanwhile, some … Continue reading

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Blackie Delivers

Two more wonderful friends from the old country (i.e., Way Back When) had birthdays today. Not wanting to let this special occasion go unmarked, Blackie got up extra early to make them each a cake. I’m a decent cook myself, … Continue reading

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Let Them Eat Cake

I know some of you are probably wondering, what’s going on with the family members who didn’t go to Mexico? Everyone’s doing fine here, though Blackie’s missing Charlotte something awful. Keeping busy seems to help, so this morning he got … Continue reading

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Charlotte’s a winner.

Inspired by watching the SAG Awards Show last night, this morning’s doodle for Dad. Max also got an award, but got off the stage more quickly. As did Blackie, who was gracious and to the point, as usual.

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