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Charlotte, Femme Fatale

Our beautiful girl in the patio this afternoon. Waiting, waiting…but no takers, alas. Just teasing, y’all. Rest assured, Charlotte only gets to go outside under strict supervision. We have a zero tolerance policy in place regarding nailing chippies, whom we … Continue reading

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Envelope Doodles

Or, how to disguise the fact that you are giving family members cash/gift certificates for the holidays. (Actually, these are being given out by my dad, but he asked if I wouldn’t mind “dressing them up a bit.” Sure thing, … Continue reading

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Dear Santa

Halloween’s over. It’s freezing outside. ’Tis the season…I guess!

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Diabetes Day 2

Happy to report that Charlotte seems to be doing much, much better today…and has been taking her new insulin shots like a champ. Appreciate all the well wishes and good tips from our friends over at Facebook meanwhile — Thanks … Continue reading

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Bake-a-thon for Charlotte

I hope no one will find today’s cartoon in poor taste. The truth is, all of us here are terribly concerned about our Miss Charlotte, since her blood work came back yesterday, and a diagnosis of diabetes was confirmed. —Even … Continue reading

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Easter Bonnets

One of the reasons I love Easter (aside from all the chocolate) is because it provides plenty of material for cat doodles for the whole week preceding, as Charlotte hones in on the crowning touch for her Easter outfit. Here … Continue reading

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La Bella Luna

Some of us stayed up and watched; some of us just dreamed about it. But if you were in the camp that snoozed through last night’s “blood moon” total eclipse, here’s how I captured it in this morning’s breakfast table … Continue reading

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Spring Frolic with Blackie

“In Spring a black cat’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of…Charlotte.” And what a lovely kitty she is! Charlotte insisted I make many practice sketches of “just her” frolicking, to make sure I captured her loveliness “just right.” Meanwhile, some … Continue reading

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Game of Charlotte

In honor of the Game of Thrones Season 4 premiere last night…a more family-friendly version, rated M (for mice). This one’s for Rachel, btw, who introduced me to the show a couple of weeks (& 30 viewing hours) ago…Thank you, … Continue reading

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It’s The Thought That Counts…Right?

Dearest Niece, Just as our friend Blackie missed the mark a bit with your special cake (which I understand is filled with meatloaf and liverwurst), your dotty aunt missed getting to the post office in time to mail a special … Continue reading

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