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Oklahoma Dreaming

A Christmas wish for my Tulsa friend Martha — and real-life BHS buddy from a long time back — a few of her favorite things, with best regards!

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Return of the Leprechaun Space Mice

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day, everyone! Where I live, I’m the only one with any Irish ancestry, but that doesn’t prevent the whole household from enjoying the holiday. Charlotte’s been out stalking leprechauns in her green party dress all day, while … Continue reading

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Dinner Date

This past Saturday Dad and I had the good fortune of being invited to a friend’s house in Chicago for a lovely French repast. However, we didn’t realize until we had driven most of the way there that we had two … Continue reading

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Happy Bastille Day!

Just a quick post today to wish our beloved Giselle, Charlotte’s French maid—and all of you—a festive Bastille Day. I was up late working last night, and nearly forgot all about the occasion, but fortunately the mice were on the … Continue reading

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Permafrost Pie

Late last night, Charlotte spearheaded an expedition to the arctic regions of our fridge, looking for a snack. Underneath several layers of hard ice, she hit pay dirt—a homemade peach pie my sister Carol had made for us during a … Continue reading

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