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Blackie’s Night Out

It’s gotten chillier with the arrival of fall, but that hasn’t stopped Blackie from taking the occasional (unauthorized) excursion over the patio fence — especially when there’s been the promise of a good meal on the other side. The other … Continue reading

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Nature Walk

Yesterday, on my way into the studio, I took an impromptu detour onto a road marked The Hollows that I’ve been intrigued by for a while, thinking it might be a good place to go for a walk. Charlotte and Daisy … Continue reading

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Stellar Good News

As birds go, it turns out that baby Woots mature really quickly—which is lucky indeed, considering Mama Charlotte’s lack of maternal impulses. Saturday found our household’s newest member weaned, walking, talking and flying (well, a little). Enough, though, to float … Continue reading

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Grazing in the Grass

On our morning walk around Oak Springs Circle earlier today it became apparent that the grass in my sister’s front lawn was high—really high—compared to everyone else’s. Sure, we could call a lawn service to come mow it, but wouldn’t … Continue reading

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Bathing Beauty

Little Mouse and I have been having a really wonderful time up here in Wisconsin, visiting with my sister’s dogs. But I have to admit, after several days away from Blackie, Max, and Charlotte, we are both feeling a little … Continue reading

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