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Shopping on the Malecón

Happy Presidents Day! Even though Charlotte and Daisy Mouse are still in Puerto Vallarta, they observed the day as they would back home—by shopping, of course. Dad was out and about today as well, strolling along the Malecón. He snapped this … Continue reading

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Sunday Snapshots

Today sounds like it was a very pleasant, if uneventful, Sunday for Miss Charlotte & Daisy Mouse, still vacationing down in Puerto Vallarta. The girls had a lovely lunch at a seaside restaurant, renowned for its fresh fish. After lunch, … Continue reading

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Costumes and Customs

Miss Charlotte has always loved this portrait of famed Mexican artists Frida & Diego, so when an invitation arrived for a costume party earlier this evening, there was no question that she and Daisy Mouse would go, and what they … Continue reading

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Technical Issues

Today’s doodle was inspired by a brief message from my vacationing dad yesterday, citing some Gmail issues on his laptop. Looks like Charlotte is having some technical issues of her own. ¡Qué lata! As much as I look forward to … Continue reading

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Learning Spanish “con los gatos”

Dad and crew are heading down to Mexico for a few weeks, so several morning doodles of late have included phrases I thought he might like to take along. —Which I’m really just guessing at, since I don’t know Spanish, … Continue reading

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