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Charlotte in Paradise

Nah, I’m not headed for Paradise—at least not anytime soon. Charlotte’s already there though, vacationing with Dad in Jamaica. The above doodle is from a few days before they left. We were all real happy for Charlotte, getting to escape … Continue reading

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Back from Boston

In the end, the elegant outfit Charlotte had ordered for our friends’ Boston wedding last weekend did not get delivered in time, so she was forced to make the trip sans chapeau. It all worked out fine in the end, though, … Continue reading

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Mecca for Mice

Yes, the Mousehouse Cheesehaus is a real place, and was our very first stop when we arrived in Wisconsin yesterday. Can you believe that this fabulous cheese emporium is only a stone’s throw from my sister’s place? What wonderful good … Continue reading

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Little Mouse’s Big Adventure

Hello everyone! I’m writing to you from America’s Dairyland—Wisconsin!—after driving up here earlier today. Here’s a doodle of my friend (and Flora’s niece) Little Mouse, who came along, excited about her first big trip away from home without Mom and … Continue reading

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Welcome Home, Your Majesty

So nice to have Charlotte, Daisy and Dad back under the same roof with the rest of us. Everyone got home late last night—Dad from Mexico, Charlotte and Daisy from their side trip to visit their friend Ace in San … Continue reading

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Empress Carlota

Today’s doodle was inspired by an exchange yesterday with my friend Paul. Since he has been to Puerto Vallarta and I have not, he kindly briefed me regarding some landmarks I might like to include in these doodles while Dad … Continue reading

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I Hear The Mermice Singing

Charlotte loves Puerto Vallarta, but those email issues she had yesterday were bound to make her feel a bit disconnected and homesick, so far away from friends, family and her favorite cat box. Happily, while out for a late night … Continue reading

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Technical Issues

Today’s doodle was inspired by a brief message from my vacationing dad yesterday, citing some Gmail issues on his laptop. Looks like Charlotte is having some technical issues of her own. ¡Qué lata! As much as I look forward to … Continue reading

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Mexican Sendoff

Today’s the day: After all the weeks of anticipation, Dad is finally off on his Mexico vacation! Here’s the bon voyage doodle I left out on the kitchen table this morning, showing a fancy purple limo whisking him off to … Continue reading

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Learning Spanish “con los gatos”

Dad and crew are heading down to Mexico for a few weeks, so several morning doodles of late have included phrases I thought he might like to take along. —Which I’m really just guessing at, since I don’t know Spanish, … Continue reading

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