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With a group art event coming up on March 2nd (Art in Action—see the end of Thursday’s post), I’ve been thinking a lot this weekend about how I’m going to fill up the very generous amount of wall space I’ve been allotted to exhibit my artwork.

Cat Masterpieces

I’ve participated in art events before—enough to know that not everyone is likely to love all the art that’s on display. So I’ve decided not to second guess the public’s taste too much, and just have fun with it. Some of what I’ll show will be archival prints of my other (more serious) digital artwork. But a lot will be these hand-drawn cat doodles, and some of these will be larger pieces, in pretty vintage frames. Most of the artwork and prints will be for sale, including a lot of smaller pieces (with price tags sized to match). And much of the work will be new, created especially for this venue.

With these plans in mind, I went on a treasure hunt today for some unusual frames, and also for some art supplies—paper, pens, and paste—my very favorite kind of shopping.

Eating PasteSpeaking of paste (and of other people’s tastes), while I never ate that stuff back in kindergarten, I’m aware that a lot of kids do. —Play-doh also.

This calls to mind a party I gave, years ago, when a lot of my friends still had small children. I’d set up a special corner for them in my apartment, with all kinds of cool stuff to draw and play with. At one point I overheard one adult guest say to another, “Wow, Play-doh smells just the same as it did when we were kids!” The other parent replied, “Yeah, and have you tried it? It tastes just the same, too!” (That’s what happens when the hostess doesn’t get brunch on the table fast enough, I guess.)

(I don’t know why, but that just seemed so silly to me; I wanted to share it with y’all.)

More New Subscribers: Yippee!

Thanks AleceIt’s so nice to see familiar faces on my Subscribers List. A warm welcome to my good friend Alece, who signed up earlier today to receive email updates.

Alece is a whiz at so many things—design, illustration, art licensing, graphic recording, etc.. She also has a website, along with her friend Meghan, devoted to Dorothy’s Derby Chronicles, a very cool graphic novel aimed at tween girls who love roller derby.

I’d also like to say hi and welcome to my dear cousin Heather. One of the things I love about being on Facebook, is keeping in closer touch with family at a distance. I fell in love with Heather’s little dog Gigi, and her bird Niko, without ever meeting either one of them (though I sure wish I could!). I couldn’t resist doodling them here as well.

Gigi and Niko

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Thanks, and see you next time!

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Jean Tuttle is a Chicago-area illustrator, designer, and doodler.
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2 Responses to Tastefully Yours

  1. Jean,
    I hope you take pictures of the exhibit for us out of towners to see.


    • Jean says:

      Thanks, Dorothy — Definitely plan to!

      At the very least, I gotta get a snapshot of my outfit for the event. I scored a very cool black linen jacket at Goodwill (my fave vintage boutique) that has over-sized white scalloped detail on the collar, hem and sleeves that promises to make me look like one of my doodles when I am wearing it. I just bought one of your beautiful handmade flowers (a red rose, what else?) to pin to the collar.

      So many lovely things at your Etsy shop — http://www.etsy.com/shop/dorothydesigns — the hardest part is always narrowing it down to one flower. (I almost went for the turquoise silk one, but I’m such a sucker for the way red looks against black.)

      (BTW Do you have any extra business cards with your shop’s address on it you can mail me with the order? That way when I get compliments on your flower — which I know I will — I can hand them out.)

      Thanks again for making such beautiful stuff :-)

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