Moving Sale

No, not my moving sale (thank God!)—but that of my dear friend Vicki, who, along with Ridley the wonder dog and the rest of her household, is about to make a big, glorious move from CO to CA. Our Charlotte was thrilled, of course, when she heard the word sale, and popped over to Denver to check it all out.

Moving Sale

Today’s event made me think back to another moving sale—mine—held in the garage next to Vicki’s, back when we were neighbors. I don’t know what possessed her to do a joint sale with me that weekend (I sure as heck wouldn’t, unless I was moving), but I’m so grateful that she did. (If Vicki were along, digging ditches would be fun.)

Below, left, a snapshot from that day 3 years ago: Me holding Miss Ridley, who’s decked out in a sandwich board advertising our sale. At right is Ridley from today, no doubt coaxing in buyers with that “Marilyn” look. (Both photos courtesy of Vicki, marketing genius.)

Miss Ridley Working the Sale

Vicki, hope your sale today was a smashing success! Wishing you Godspeed with all the downsizing and packing…safe and easy travels to get you where you’re going…much happiness and success in your new job and new life.

—And while I know it wasn’t the goal, something just feels right about Ridley living within a stone’s throw of Hollywood, ya know?

I hope everyone out there reading this had a great weekend—or are maybe even extending it through the July 4th holiday. But whether you’re at work or at play today, hope your Monday is a good one!

Meanwhile, thanks, as always, for visiting the not-quite-daily Daily Cat Doodle, and for any comments you feel like sharing. See you on here again real soon. Happy Monday, all!

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Jean Tuttle is a Chicago-area illustrator, designer, and doodler.
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2 Responses to Moving Sale

  1. carol says:

    I had no idea Ridley had a glam side to her. I always think of her more as the girl next door but that Marilyn shot is really something. Safe and wonderful travels for Vicki, Ridley, and Miss Sookie. Thanks for linking to your “Loves Comes on Little Cat Feet” post–it was lovely then and still is.

    • Jean Tuttle says:

      Thanks, Sis — I know Vicki & crew appreciate the good wishes, and oh yes, Ridley can be quite glam, when the mood (or shall I say Vicki?) strikes. Wish you’d been there when they both came over wearing cardigan sweater headscarves accented with “an important piece of jewelry,” ala Grey Gardens. Denver’s loss is LA’s gain, for sure.

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